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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



1. NIXY concentrated all purpose cleaner liquid contains ingredients to remove stains and spots

2. NIXY heavy duty multi purpose cleaning solution contains degreasing materials

3. NIXY disinfectant all purpose cleaning solution contains mild materials which can be applied on various surfaces

4. NIXY concentrated universal cleaner liquid is placed in spray bottles

5. The disinfectant multi purpose cleaner liquid contains antiseptic materials

6. NIXY antiseptic all purpose cleaning solution contains antistatic ingredients

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


1. People enjoy bright and shinning surfaces our NIXY all purpose cleaning solution 

2. NIXY concentrated multi purpose cleaner liquid saves your time, money and efforts / it makes the kitchen surfaces and other surfaces very appeal and shinning

3. All purpose cleaner in one product saves money, time and efforts / it keeps surfaces shining and gives convenient feeling

4. NIXY disinfectant universal cleaner liquid is a convenient product which saves time and money

5. NIXY antibacterial all purpose cleaning liquid help in keeping the surfaces and places hygiene / it also helps in keeping the environment healthy

6. NIXY multi purpose cleaning solution saves effort and time / it reduces frequent cleaning / it is economical

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


1. NIXY disinfectant universal cleaning solution removes stains and spots efficiently / it is fast action in cleaning and removing stubborn spots

2. NIXY heavy duty all purpose cleaner solution is very effective in removing greases and oils / it is fast acting degreaser

3. NIXY multi purpose cleaning liquid solution can be used on varieties of surfaces like stoves, chimneys, exhaust fans, stainless steel surfaces, tools, toilets, floors, glass, etc / it is ready for use at any time

4. NIXY all purpose cleaning solution is easy to use by directing spray on the dirty places and spots to be cleaned

5. NIXY antibacterial multi purpose cleaning liquid kills germs

6. NIXY antistatic all purpose cleaning solution do not attract dust or suspended particles from the air to the surfaces / it keeps the surface clean for longer time  

HOW TO USE (1)   spray NIXY all purpose cleaner liquid 20 cm away from the surface  (2)   wait for 30 secs  (3)   wipe the NIXY all purpose cleaner solution with micro fibre cloth

CONTAINS : citric acid, alkalinity regulator, soda powder, thickener, P.G, std colouring agent, preservative and orange fragrance.

PRECAUTIONS :  keep away from children. Do not ingest. If product goes into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and use only on non porous surfaces . If swallowed, consult a doctor and show the container label